welcome to ...
   Guttahalli, India


       The Indian cuisine with
     all its dosas, pooris, masalas,

     sambas, rotis etc. is just


    Sometimes it`s nice to have 
  a little change.
  In 2012 we built a stone oven
  so that we can bake our own
  cake, bread and pizza. 
1.) At first we constructed a 2 feet deep fundament.
2.) Then we finished it with a solid fundament socket.
3.) On top of that we added brick walls at three sides.
4.) And again finished it on top with a solid  fundament socket. 
5.) After that we constructed the side walls of the baking chamber.
6.) Using a cartboard we added the round roof.
7.) Then we installed the chimney at the backside. 
8.) We closed all joints carefully.
9.) With that the raw construction was finished. 
10.) Now we could prepare the final outside finishing.
11.) For that we collected clay and plastered it around. Finally we painted the outside.
12.) Then came the day of the first firing of the oven.
    So now we also have nice 
    apple cake and German
    whole wheat bread.