welcome to ...
   Guttahalli, India
         Where are we located ?
  • In case you are coming from the skies, follow the sign of Orion.
    We are just below.

  • In case you are coming from Earth, head for India, Bangalore.
    From the airport it will take two hours to Stars Garden.
    Follow the National Highway No. 4 direction east upto Mulbagal.
    There take a right onto KGF-Road. After 20 km you reach
    Guttahalli village. We are just 500 m from the village circle
    towards the highschool.

           Orion and pleiades
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        Orion is the first star sign to appear in winter on the east   
        horizon at the clear night sky at Stars Garden.

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     Our address:

     Stars Garden
     Bangaru Tirupathi (Guttahalli)
     Kavaraganahalli Rd, next to Government Highschool
     Bangarpet (TK), Kolar (DT)
     Karnataka - 563116

     Tel.: 00 91 - 97 40 24 20 57
     Email: info@starsgarden.in
    Guttahalli Village
      The circle in front of the temple is the
      centre of  the business life of the village.    
      It`s the place for Saturday`s market, small
      tea stalls and shops.

     Here you also find the bus stop with regular
     connections to Mulbagal (45 min)
and to
     KGF (1 hour), from where there is a bus
     to Bangalore
(3 hrs.)
     In the marriage season Guttahalli is also a
     popular place to arrange marriages in one of
     the marriage halls located at the circle.
     Beside this Guttahalli has several festivals,
     when thousands of people gather around
      the temple.
    Venkateshwara Temple
           Just 5 min walk from Stars Garden you
           will find the impressive Venkateshwara
among the locals also known as
           Bangaru Tirupathi. 
              It`s a  popular  weekend  spot  for  the   
          After you have climbed the stairs  you 
          will find  an  impressive  view of the
          whole area,
surrounded with green trees,
          paddy fields, farms and village


      In the surrounding nature you can find
     many remote lakes, spectacular mountains, 
     paddy fields  and  many  fruit platations
     like mango or coconut.  
                                 distances from Stars Garden:                                                                          distances from Bangalore Airport:

                                 Bangalore Airport:     2 hrs   (taxi)                                                                        Goa:                            1 hr  (flight)
                                 Bangalore City:           2 hrs   (taxi)   /     4 hrs  (bus)                                         Cochin/Kerala:        1 hr  (flight)
                                 Mysore:                          5 hrs   (taxi)                                                                        Trivandrum:        1.5 hrs (flight) 
                                 Chennai:                        5 hrs   (taxi)   /     8 hrs (bus)                                          Delhi:                      2.5 hrs (flight)

                                 Shravanabelagola:      4 hrs   (taxi) 
                                  trips and excursions from Stars Garden:

                                  Avani temple:                             45 min (taxi)

                                  Kolar mountains/7 villages:     1 hr    (taxi)
                                  Horsli Hills:                                    3 hrs   (taxi)                         
                                  Vellore:                                            3 hrs   (taxi)    /  5 hrs  (bus)

                                  Koti Lingam temple:                  30 min (taxi)  / 45 min (bus) 
                                  KGF market:                                 45 min (taxi)  /      1 hr  (bus)
   Trips and Excursions 

                   Avani Temple
         Kolar mountains
                             / 7 villages
              Koti Lingam Temple
                    KGF Market
                    Horsli Hills
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