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   Guttahalli, India
The history of Stars Garden 
In 2006 we purchased a wild piece of land in the countryside of Eastern Karnataka. On the 10.000 sqm areal we cleaned the whole land and prepared the installation of infrastructure. The first building was the water supply tank, which is now a storage room for the garden tools.                                  
The construction of the residential house started in 2007. The main improvement of that year was the installment of the deep borewell and around 400m of water pipeline.  
The upper floor of the house was finished in 2008 and we started with the first cultivation of corn, flowers and radi.
We finished the installation of the power connection  and on November, 7th the power was connected.  
At the longest night of the year, on the 21st Dec. 2008 we moved into Stars Garden.  
In 2009 we installed the hot water solar system, the power backup system and the satellite TV. In February we started to design the garden and planted the first 100 trees and 200 flowers and plants. 
The watchman`s house, the complete light-system in the garden and the sitting corner was completed in 2010. Hundreds of new plants were planted along the main way and in the garden.
                                                ...and Jazz joined us in November 2010 
In Jan 2011 our bio nursery was completed and opened for business in Feb. 
On the field we started to grow water melons and coriander. The construction of the cowshed was another important step towards improvement.
              In autumn 2011 we grew our 700 papaya plants from seeds
              in our nursery.
              We could harvest the first fruits in summer 2012.
                In September 2012 we extended the farmhouse.
             In 2011 Stars Garden also became the home base
             of our NGO SARF.
               Several programmes focussing on education, environmental
               awareness and social work were implemented.
               In April 2013 SARF opened the Children`s Home
               Guttahalli on the ground of Stars Garden.
                The new drip irrigation was installed in 2013
                  Due to the lack of a proper monsoon and an increasing
                  shortage of water the installation of the drip irrigation
                  and several extensions of the deep borewell were necessary
                  to keep the water supply running at Stars Garden.
        The farmhouse extension was fully completed in Jan 2015

           And in November 2012 our cow delivered a baby cow.
 In the meantime 12 boys from extremely disadvantaged
 families from the slums of Bangalore and surroundings
 are staying with us. The team was extended by a cook
 and a social worker who are taking care 24/7 for the
 children. Since 2014 they are attending the International
 School in Bethamangala. 

     In Dec 2014 Jessie lost a deadly fight against a big group
     of street dogs. His spirit is still with us and devolved to our
     two new dogs Murphy and Jackson who are doing a great job
     as protector and entertainer. JAZZ will always be with us!
                    In 2015 there are 18 people, 2 dogs and one cow 
                    staying permanently at Stars Garden. The security 
                    at our place made us to install the overdue 500 metres
                    mesh fence around the whole plot. 
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