welcome to ...
   Guttahalli, India
In the sky there is no distinction of east and west;
people create distinctions out of their minds and
then believe them to be true
  • ... to create an environmental awareness amongst the rural people by following an ecological agriculture
  • ... to live in a place that respects every single person the way she/he is, regardless of caste, creed and religion
  • ... to support those who do not have proper opportunities in education 
  • ... to enjoy together with our friends and families the peaceful and clean atmosphere of the Indian countryside
  • ... to open space for creativity, friendship and dreams
                                                         > > >    that`s why we created

 Our team:
The boss and manager
 The good soul and expert of the locals
The gardener and wise   old man
 The watchman 
           The protector
 The wanderer between East and West
 ... arranges, plans and works hard to run the business and to make the place a blooming garden
 ... knows everything about the region, manages the contacts to neighbours and also takes care of the nursery
 ... always knows a better way to handle the crop and plants
 ... takes care for the security, the field and the cows
 ... always has an eye on all visitors and the place and loves to be loved (and eating of course)
... works for the realization of the project
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